User Interface

User experience

Why primak

Our Specialty

is to execute a fully functional, top-notch designed, user-friendly product. We take you hand in hand through the journey of launching your innovative product, making sure that it will be easy for users to interact and understand the entire flow.

Our team

you will find experienced designers, versital web developers, and seasoned UX experts, all hand-picked and trained by Yaniv Primak.

Life-Saving UX


A medical technology startup, focused on real-time 3D visual assessment for hospital ER’s. primak brings Cathworks’ technology to life by characterizing the product, creating 3D designs and building the front-end interface to simulate a fully functional heart.

UX At Your Service


Cutting-Edge UI/UX Design and Animation System for Mass Autonomous Robot Teams, Operating in the Hotel Industry

Yaniv Primak

Digital Director

Primak in an experienced digital art director and UX expert. With a rich track record of complex and visionary projects under his belt (TheMarker, CathWorks and RAS, Infinity, My Permisions),
Yaniv is the heart and soul of Primak’s design footprint