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Our Work

Product Strategy UX Architecture
UI Design Front end development
UX Architecture UI Design
Front end development
Product Strategy UX Architecturez
UI Design Front end development
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Our Services

Product Strategy

No growth plan? We help you identify the needs and challenges of your target customers, in order to successfully create unique products.

UX Architecture

Scaling difficulties? We work out a user experience strategy to analyze both user behavior and your product from its core.

Rapid Prototyping

Missing features? We validate the ideas, and convert them into tangible forms, from paper to digital product.

UI Design

Developers designed the MVP? We envision the user interface layer as an iterative process. We focus on the users and their purposes.

Full Stack Development

Wrong technology? We develop cross-platform products, using the most advanced technologies, from the planning stage up to the execution stage.

Product Management

Wrong team? For each project, we pick a team of experts tailored specifically to the project's needs. We deliver perfect execution.

Yaniv Primak is an innovation strategy expert with a strong track record of complex and visionary projects in the fields of deep tech, robotics, cyber, medical devices, and automotive products. He provides consultation on technological direction, product, strategy, product scale, and execution methods.

Problem Solving Workshop

When you’re working in a team with other people, the lack of a clear path leads to a waste of time and effort, projects that take too long, and a frustrated staff. The workshop replaces all open discussions and brainstorming sessions with a structured workshop that leads to more and better ideas, decisions, and results.

When do you do it?

When you want to examine the work process, strategy, and product pivoting

When you’re competing with similar products

When you need to improve product growth processes

90 minute Workshop

A Team Exercise to Uncover and Solve Problems

The secret sauce to becoming a more productive, more creative and happier team is simple: "Replace all open discussion or brainstorming with a structured process that leads to more ideas, clearer decisions and better results." This is why we created the Lightning Decision.

It’s a simple, short, and yet powerful group exercise that can be run either in-person, in the same room, or remotely, with distributed teams. It helps you replace all open-ended, unstructured meetings with a clear process. Instead of never-ending discussions and constant back-and-forth, you can use this simple exercise to encourage creativity and foster innovation.

It only takes 90 minutes to run, always leaves you and your team feeling involved, energised, and productive , and it gives you tangible results and clear courses for future action.

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Workshop in 6 days

Rocket boost your next software project

It’s no longer enough to have a “good quality product”. You need to have the right product.

Design Sprints are the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing, if a feature is worth the effort, or how valid your value proposition is. Rather than spend months finding this all out, do it in a week.

Day 1 +2

We start out by understanding your company and the domain in which you operate.

We unpack the current situation - what’s going well and what needs to be improved.

  • Get to know the team
  • Conduct Competitor Analysis
  • 1 on 1 interviews with the team
  • Create the initial user journey map

Day 3 + 4

Design Sprints were pioneered at Google, and have since transformed how Airbnb, Slack, Lego, and many others approach innovation.

We will go from idea to product, and then to testing with real users.

  • Get clarity into what you’re building
  • Get your team aligned about the mission
  • Produce a working prototype
  • Get feedback from real customers

Day 5 + 6

Having successfully completed a design sprint, we will gather all the findings, prioritize, update the prototype, and form the next steps for immediate action.

  • Process feedback from last week
  • Update key screens accordingly
  • Create a summarised report
  • Create a prioritized list of next steps

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Prototype tested

After the first few days, you would look forward to the future to see all users interact with a prototype of your finished product.

Final Report

After six days, you will receive a concise report detailing all the important conclusions, as well as the next steps that can be taken for your design and engineering teams.

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