We are a full service, full stack taskforce tailor-made for you

primak is a design 

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taskforce driven by 

strategic and critical 

thinking to empower 

brands and products 

Our Work

Product Strategy UX Architecture
UI Design Front end development
UX Architecture UI Design
Front end development
Product Strategy UX Architecturez
UI Design Front end development
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Our Services

Product Strategy

No growth plan? We help you identify the needs and challenges of your target customers, in order to successfully create unique products.

UX Architecture

Scaling difficulties? We work out a user experience strategy to analyze both user behavior and your product from its core.

Rapid Prototyping

Missing features? We validate the ideas, and convert them into tangible forms, from paper to digital product.

UI Design

Developers designed the MVP? We envision the user interface layer as an iterative process. We focus on the users and their purposes.

Full Stack Development

Wrong technology? We develop cross-platform products, using the most advanced technologies, from the planning stage up to the execution stage.

Product Management

Wrong team? For each project, we pick a team of experts tailored specifically to the project's needs. We deliver perfect execution.

Yaniv Primak is an innovation strategy expert with a strong track record of complex and visionary projects in the fields of deep tech, robotics, cyber, medical devices, and automotive products. He provides consultation on technological direction, product, strategy, product scale, and execution methods.


Problem Brief Framing

This is the beginning of every project. It helps us learn more. About each other. About your product. About issues and goals.

Phase Highlights

Analyze Business Process

Concept Sprint

We start by exploring strategic questions and brainstorming with your team. We then devise an informed plan that gets your project where it needs to be, saving time and money.

Phase Highlights

Jtbd Framework

User Discovery


Lo-Fi Prototype Core Insight / DNA

Z-1 Product Brief

Now that we have a clear concept, we write an exact production plan for all the professionals in the various departments.

Phase Highlights

Platform Ability Map

Visual Concepts

User Flows


Key Features





Z-1 Built

Anyone can put together an interface based on code components. We do more. By designing and engineering with users in mind, we build products that make sense.

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Product Lunch

Continuous Iterations & Deliveries

Product launch isn’t an end in itself. We analyze user insights and behavior to understand what works and what doesn't. That is how we keep improving the product, and the reason why we believe our job is never done.

Phase Highlights